Navigating through the confusing on-slaught of product information can be difficult at times. It is also sometimes hard to discern what is fact and what is fiction. We have found that this is mostly true when it comes to information about the steel used on pole buildings. Knowing that some others say whatever it takes to get a sale, we want to explain in full detail what Delmarva Pole Building Supply offers you so that you can compare “apples to apples”. (NOTE: All of the information below can be readily verified through independent sources.)

Steel Thickness

Delmarva Pole Building Supply uses metal in two different gauges for the roofing and siding of its buildings. A thicker and heavier envelope on a building means that it’s less susceptible to hail damage and rust. When it comes to steel thickness, the lower the number, the thicker the steel. Our steel is stronger, looks better and lasts longer. Here’s why…

While a large majority of post frame companies use a 29 gauge steel, Delmarva Pole Building Supply uses a thicker, stronger, and heavier 28 gauge product for its “Standard” and model and an even stronger 27 gauge for its “Premium” buildings.

A micrometer easily proves the thickness.  Ask the company you’re working with what thickness they spec at the mill. Most companies are specifying a .0142 min thickness for their 29 gauge while our 28 gauge is spec’d at a true .016 and our 27 gauge has a .0172 thickness [before paint].

>>> Find out more about our 27-GAUGE OMNI SERIES or our
TRADITIONAL: TRUE 28-GAUGE STEEL by clicking on the links. <<<

Steel Paint and Warranties

Prorated Warranty – Should there be a defect in the paint, a prorated warranty only reimburses a portion of replacement costs, based on the age of the roof.  The older the roof, the less the amount covered by the warranty. A prorated 40-year warranty will only cover 50% of the original cost after 20 years have passed.

Non-Prorated Warranty – A non-prorated warranty provides full replacement costs of the metal panel if there is a defect throughout the full term of the warranty.

ALL manufacturers’ 30-40-50 year limited warranties are on the paint itself, not the sheet steel.  Delmarva Pole Building Supply offers the Omni ll product by Everlast Roofing with a true 50 year non-prorated manufacturer’s warranty by Akzo Nobel* in 27 gauge steel, which comes on our Premium Pole Building model. This is an additional 10 year warranty over the industry standard.  The Standard pole building model are offered with Everlast Roofing’s Traditional 28 gauge steel and a 40 year non-prorated warranty, also by Akzo Nobel.

Our 27 gauge product also has a 15-year edge rust warranty on the galvalume sheet steel itself and a 25-year perforation warranty. The 28 gauge comes with a 10 year edge rust warranty only. (NOTE: GALVALUME sheet steel is a 55% Aluminum-Zinc  coated sheet steel product that is ideally suited for most types of roofing and siding applications.)

Few companies have a rust warranty on the sheet steel itself and most of the ones that do only provide a rust warranty of 5-10 years. Of course, you need to understand that when the steel is punctured or cut, the galvalume substrate is compromised at that particular spot, exposing the bare steel.  Any rust that forms within 1/2” of the cut or puncture is not covered by any rust warranty; but do realize that it is extremely rare for rust to form in any of these areas, due to the action of the galvalume substrate. (Ask the company you’re working with if they include a rust warranty on their sheet steel and how many years it covers).

And last but not least, a 25-year perforation warranty is also included with our steel. Please refer to the Everlast Roofing warranty for details. It can be found on their website or obtained from us upon request.

Upon completion of your building and receipt of your final payment we will send you a Warranty Registration Card.  It arrives to you completely filled out and postage stamped for your convenience. All you will do is sign and date it and drop it in the mail. Everlast Roofing will file it for future reference.

Roll-Forming Process

Roofing and siding used by all pole building companies are bent to form ridges and grooves creating the familiar shapes you are used to seeing. The process of bending the metal is called “Roll-forming”.

Heat Forming™

Before roll-forming begins the metal is heated to 168-180 degrees depending on the color. This is called “Heat Forming™”.

Heating the steel before bending it is VERY important because it prevents the paint from cracking at each bend and ultimately prevents rust at the bends, which is a common problem with roll-formed steel. Cracks allow moisture, which is often contaminated by atmospheric pollutants, which penetrate the protective surface of the coating, and cause the substrate to rust or corrode.

Competitors-PanelPhotos show how Everlast’s Heat Forming™ panel outlasts the competitor’s panel. The Heat Formed™ panel creates a paint system that is more flexible and therefore better able to withstand the rigors of the forming process. The paint coverage is not compromised and the result is an outstanding barrier protection.  This barrier protection prevents corrosion by isolating the steel form. 

Heat Forming also enables the use of harder, more scratch resistant paints. Panels that go through this process don’t scratch as easily as others.

After roll-forming, the bends on each run of steel are magnified, inspected and photographed before sending the steel to the job-site.

ELII-PanelDuring this process, a cut edge rust inhibitor is applied to further insure maximum edge protection to the finished panel. This is called CECI® (Cut-Edge Corrosion Inhibitor) which provides superior barrier protection against corrosion.

Delmarva Pole Building Supply has been in the post frame business for many years and we have searched long and hard for the best steel product in the industry.

Craig Covell, the president of Everlast Roofing, has been at the forefront of product research and innovation in the light gauge steel industry and has been emulated by his competitors for years as he has introduced state-of-the-art advances in substrates and paint systems.

* Akzo Nobel, the company backing the non-prorated warranty, operates in 80 countries and employs 50,000 people worldwide and is the largest paints and coatings company in the world. One can rest assured they will be here for the next 50 years, just as they have been since their inception in 1646.


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