Although there are many compelling reasons to choose Delmarva Pole Buildings, we have listed a few pertinent things that answer the question, “Why Us?”.

Lifetime Structural Warranty

We  are pleased to introduce our Lifetime Structural Warranty. We are so confident that the quality of our buildings is so superior, that we will guarantee it forever. Protect your investment and choose Delmarva Pole Buildings.

 The Delmarva Panel System

Pole buildings have come a long way in the last several decades. There have been many improvements, like using screws for steel instead of nails. Using Headlock lags instead of ring shank nails is another great improvement. More recently, products like the Post Protector and Perma-Column are permanent footing solutions that extend the life of post frame buildings. As the years go by new technology will continue to improve the look and overall usability of post frame.
The Delmarva Panel System is a series of easily installed pre-fabricated panels which allows for an easy and faster method of installation of the building frame. Due to this technology, anyone can now build a pole building. There is a better way to build pole buildings.  This is it, and we can prove it!
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Unparalleled Customer Service and an Extra Ordinary Experience!

Unparalleled Customer Service and an Extra Ordinary Experience!

While having a pole building will be the solution to your needs, the process is the one thing customers often overlook. We hold your hand through the entire process. When you come to us you will have a dedicated building consultant at your beck and call. He/she will guide you, answer questions and be your bridge. It is of paramount importance to us to make sure our customers receive a quality pole building that is second to none, and at the same time enjoy a pleasant and clearly defined construction experience. We want to give our customers the same quality and service we would want our own family to receive from a company. Our highest priority is to create an extraordinary experience for all of our customers. That experience begins long before you even talk to us. Right now you are reading this and are likely in the research and discovery phase of your dream project. You are searching for the company that will give you value AND service, not only during, but also AFTER the sale. At Delmarva Pole Building Supply we help you through every step of the building process. Our goal is not only to educate you on your best options, but to also facilitate a process that allows you to choose the company that is right for you!
Beautiful Buildings. Great Service. No Surprises. That’s not a nice tagline, that’s our promise to you!!!
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homepage-facility5 Acre Facility and 40,000 Sq Ft. Warehouse, Manufacturing Facility and Office

Why does that matter? We have a facility to accommodate all types of projects and a staff to make sure it’s running efficiently. When you arrive at our offices in Wyoming, Delaware you immediately see that we know the pole building business and we do it well.
At any given moment you’ll see a flurry of activity in our facility, from customers visiting us to meet with their dedicated building consultant to trucks delivering materials for our construction projects, to retail customers and contractors coming to pick up supplies for their projects. We also have a model building where you can see our work up close.
Come pay us a visit and see what we have to offer YOU!
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Steel Gauge and Warranty

An important part of your buildings engineering is its envelope, which is provided by the steel applied to the exterior of the building.
Our partnership with Metal Sales is one that is focused on you!  We offer a “True” 29 gauge panel on our Standard buildings as well as a much thicker 26 gauge on our Premium buildings!
Steel thickness is very important but even more important is the corresponding paint system and warranty. What good is a metal warranty if the company that manufactures the panel is not in business anymore to fulfill a warranty claim if one is ever needed?  Metals Sales has longevity, stability and offers the highest quality materials in the market today!
Find Out More About Metals Sales and Our Lifetime Metal Warranty! 

We Use RSS™ Rugged Structural Screws Instead of Nails

We Use HeadLOKS Instead of Nails

A RSS™ Rugged Structural Screw is a heavy duty flathead wood screw. We use these lags to connect wood to wood at ALL header locations and also to fasten our pre-fabricated panels to the poles. They are far stronger than nails and meet all code enforcement requirements.
Using RSS™ Rugged Structural Screws creates a strong header and fastening system on our Traditional Pole Buildings , and makes it possible for Premium Buildings with the  Delmarva Panel System to be easily disassembled for resale and/or relocation of your building.
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Glue-Lam/Finger Jointed Poles

Our poles are a marvel of strength and engineering. They are 33% stronger than solid sawn poles, and they stay straighter AND truer to engineering specifications.


Your Building is Totally Maintenance Free!

Your Building is Totally Maintenance Free!

Metal, wood, doors, windows, the works! Composite doors are standard on your building. And WE stand behind our buildings!!!

Trash RemovalTrash Removal

We clean up the job site AFTER YOUR BUILDING IS FINISHED. When reading this you might say, “well, you better”, but you may be surprised to know that most pole building companies do not practice this or if they do, they charge extra for this service. Delmarva Pole Building Supply will pick up the trash, and clean up your job site at NO additional cost to YOU.

Quality Control Inspection on EVERY Job

Quality Control & Longevity

The company was founded in 2000 and through the ups and downs of the national economy we have remained steady and consistent, always delivering on our promise.
This guarantees that your building meets the highest industry standards as well as meets AND exceeds your expectations.


I Love Pole Buildings

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